The Olin Stephens Collection 
by Pino Criminelli

In 2006 Pino Criminelli painted a series of 14 amazing mahogany boards, in homage to the great american sailboat designer Olins Stephens (1908 - 2008). Criminelli  chose some of the most representative boats designed by Stephens from 1930 to 1980. The result was the creation of a unique collection in the world, a real masterpiece.


Single items of such collection are not on sale. On request, the gallery will provide a confidential quote for the purchase of the entire collection. The set is composed by 14 mahogany boards of 62x28 cm, enamels and silver inlays. This proposal is addressed, as well as private collectors, also to museums, foundations, prestigious nautical clubs, nautical institutions.

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For further information on Olin Stephens Collection:
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