Which art do we offer?
Basically, we propose contemporary art, created by authors with many exhibitions experience. The artwork's themes and subjects are almost exclusively related to the sea, boats, seascapes and landscapes.
Are the offers of Tratti di mare art gallery expensive?
No, definitely. Fine art, selected and certificated, can not be cheap, but it can be affordable. We make sure it is.
What about artworks authenticity and uniqueness?
Authenticity and uniqueness of the proposed artworks are both guaranteed by the relative certificate, issued by the gallery or directly by the artist. Here you can examine an example.
Are artworks imports subject to duties or taxes?
It depends from specifical Country/State laws. Generally, import duty/taxes for artworks, if applied, are established as a percentage of the declared value, which does not apply up to a certain amount (for example, 800 $ in USA at present). If existing, the import duties on the artworks are generally small. Anyway, you may inquire the local customs office in advance, as these taxes could be charged to the buyer.
Is artworks export from Italy full admitted/legal?
Yes, definitely. Tratti di mare art gallery sells only contemporary artworks created by living authors (or artworks created for less than seventy years). Export of such kind of artworks is admitted without any restrictions by the Italian law.